Aerotrike Cobra 912S, ZU-SKY, Serial no. C-001
Engine Rotax 912 S, 100 HP, 4stroke, 4 cylinder, dual ignition, twin carbs, carb heat
Propeller Arplast 3 blade
Wide tyres with brakes on all 3 wheels, 82 litre fuel tank
Full nose fairing w/ landing light, large side saddle bags, rear wheel pants, strobe on wing
Packing bags in the nose fairing
82 litre fuel tank, passenger seat used for luggage and extra fuel container.
Instruments Altimeter, compass, Rotax Flydat, fuel gauge, voltmeter, 3 charging pts
  Garmin Pilot III GPS, Garmin transponder, Icom A200 radio, Intercom
BRS ballistic parachute under the passenger seat
Wing Aeros Stream specially made with the SA flag underneath.
BMW Helmet with Lightspeed headset built in
BMW winter gloves, thin cotton gloves, North face windstopper gloves
Cotton balaclava, woolen scarf, fleece neck sock
Thermal long vest and long underwear
Cotton socks, plastic bags over the cotton socks, thick socks, rubber boots with felt inner liner
Jeans, T shirt, long sleeve shirt, woolen jersey, fleece jacket
North Face Alpine waterproof jacket and pants
Sears survival and floatation suit.
Soft pack water bag with pipe for drinking in flight
Canon EOS 500 camera body, 18 - 28 wide angle lens, 35 - 80 lens and 100 - 300 long lens
Canon flash, spare camera batteries, wing remote electronic release
Sony 3 chip digital camera and wide angle lens, spare battery, charger, connection wires, remote
Remote video viewing monitor with battery pack, screen sides, and cables
Casio digital camera with charger, 12 rechargeable batteries, 3 charging units, computer wiring
40 video cassettes, 50 slide films,
Canon camera wing mount, 4 manufactured video camera mounting tubes and brackets
Wiring for video sound & for remote monitor
Aluminium wing nose extension tubes for remote front filming
Camera tripod  
Camera carry bag, video camera carry bag, digital camera case
Compaq Pentium Armada 1700 laptop computer, with CD drive and modem
10 Floppy discs, 3 program CD's
Carry case & charging cables and multiple international plugs
Ankle length leather boots, open Zimbabwe style sandals, Nike running shoes
5 prs of socks, 6 underpants, sleeping shorts, costume, 2 pairs of shorts
3 T shirts, 2 tennis shirts, 1 long sleeve shirt
2 pairs of jeans, 1 long pants, 1 very casual hippie pants, leather belt
Waterproof jacket, fleece pullover
Large North Face carryall bag, small rucksack
Towel, toilet bag with luxuries like soap and personal medication
Rotax operators manual, installation manual and maintenance manual
Video camera manual, digital camera manual, computer manual
Radio manuals, GPS manual, transponder manuals
Pilots licence, airplane log book
Registration certificate, Authority to fly, Insurance certificate
3 SA passports, vaccination certificate, international drivers licence
Address book, note books, books to read, pens, paper
Many flight maps and navigation charts
CO2 bottle equipped life raft with storm water anchor and cover
Icom ICA-4E handheld radio
IPERB emergency radio location beacon
Shooting flares and hand held flares
Aircraft type self inflating life jacket
Sponge to drain water from the life raft
Radar reflective survival kite
Food and water  
Undercarriage cover
Wing bag, straps, wing protection pads and open wing cover
Ground sheet  
2 Man North Face Alpine tent
North Face sleeping bag with silk sheet inner, small pillow
Inflatable camping mattress
4 Large tie down pegs, rope and tie down straps
2 Litres of water - Olivier carries all the rest of the food and eating goodies
4 Spare Arplast propeller blades, propeller adjusting tool
4 Spare carb rubbers, 2 oil filters
Spare rectifier regulator, spare carb jets, oil springs
Stainless steel safety wire, Loctite
Nuts, bolts, washers, springs, string, rope, cables, crimps
Wiring, electrical plugs, crimps, insulation material, fuses, solder etc
Glassfibre and epoxy repair kit, tie wraps, tape, glue, silicon
Lubricationg oil, engine oil, cleaning rags, hose clamps,
Wing patching material, velcro, needles and cotton
Jumper leads, refueling hose, spare fuel hose, radiator hose
Soldering iron, Multi purpose electrical tester
Full set of spanners, screw drivers, allen keys, adjustable spanner
Long nose pliers, vice grips, scissors, knife
Bag for tools, bag for spares, bag for special spares
Intercom headset and  goggles
Loose 28 litre fuel container
Just a little bit of money