Message from Wayne Bezner Kerr, posted on a trike discussion list.
    Wayne is a well respected trike instructor who runs the reputed trike training facility, First Light Aviation, in Ithaca, New York

    Date: Thu Mar 11, 2004 3:59 pm
    Subject: South to South Video

    Hi List:

    I picked up my mail this afternoon on my way back to the airport. Tucked inside one of the packages was a copy of the Video: South to South Expedition - For the Birds...


    What a great video. I've been involved in a few modest adventures myself, and several filming projects. This is without a doubt the coolest flying video I've ever seen. If you like DTA, Aerotrike Cobras or just trikes - then you have to get a copy. If you have somebody in your family unconvinced that the trike thing is a good idea - you have to get a copy. If you hate those long, frigid winters with no flying - you have to get a copy.

    It is a full length (almost one hour) DVD with all the quality you'd expect from a professional production. It tells the story of Aerotrike founder Mike Blyth and his good friend Olivier Aubert's 8 month odyssey from Argentina through the Americas, over the top via Baffin Island, Greenland and Iceland into Europe, and then down the west coast of Africa. You might say they took the long way back to South Africa. Gorgeous aircraft, beautiful scenery, dramatic landscapes, a tale of two friends, great music and more than 40,000 km of adventure flying without an accident - what more do you want in a film?

    I'll use this video to show people with broad imaginations what it is about trikes that we find so intoxicating. This story captures that essence perfectly.

    Every UL club should get one of these DVDs. Every airport should have one. Hell, maybe every hangar should have one! It strikes the perfect balance between wild adventure, and restrained caution. These guys flew more than the distance around the world, and never put so much as a wheel wrong.

    (unless you count Olivier getting stuck in the sand as the tide comes in)

    Thanks for the great video!

    Wayne BK

    First Light Aviation